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says the city poverty and drug use combine to generate a lot of crime. city also rank first nationwide in violent robbery. detroit no. 1 on the list. stockton comes in at no. 8. forbes blames stockton financial problems for the violence there. of course it was at the very beginning of the housing crisis. >>> all right let's talk to spencer about the forecast f.we have a real storm come. >> with he do indeed. looks like will hold off most of the weekend but here before the weekend ends. live view right now from our high definition roof top camera. looking at embarcadero center and you can see a little l mist in the sky there. we have low clouds around much of the bay area especially near the coast line reaching out across the bay. let's look at that by way of live doppler 7 hd. clouds all along the coast line here pushing out over parts of the peninsula. some of it having pushed across the east bay. much of the inland area though up in the north bay inland east bay and south bay clear skies at the moment so we call it generally partly cloudy rate now. pretty mild temperature rea
and take the stage in front of city hall. in 2010 they took the same route as they did in 1958 when they first came to san francisco. piles of barricades trace a simpler route. instead of going through the financial district. they say this parade will stop up at ferry building and take a straight shot down market street. shorter route but with no shortage of if fans. >> i would like to have a million people. >> they have set up grandstands and stage and portable toilets. they are adding extra capacity and bart expects to carry 250,000 extra people. the real back-up could be at the ticketed machines. >> buy your tickets before wednesday or load up your clipper card before wednesday so you'll enough fare to go into the city and back home. >> back home to trick-or-treat perhaps. having the parade on halloween was the giants' choice but he supports it. >> we're leaving school early and lots of parents will be with our kids. we are creating a family friendly event. >> that again that is what they said last time. right before aubrey huff pulled out the rally song. jonathan bloom, "abc 7 n
to evacuate. >> if you don't evacuate you putting your own life but also endangering lives of first responders. >> tens of millions will be impacted from the carolinas to canada and west to the great lakes. atlantic city is shut down in anticipation of a direct hit. >> i'm really worried, they just told a friend of mine, it's basically going to hit the bay. >> armies of utility workers are standing by to repair widespread power outages. >> it may take a long time to clear but to get the power companies back in. >> sandy is wreaking havoc in ocean city. heavy rain and wind has forced the governor to cancel early voting scheduled for monday. >> an expected 4,000 flights are expected to be cancelled. 53 flights out of airport were cancelled out of sfo. airlines are telling people it could be several days before they are able to get out. >> all right. coming up next, we have a lot more news for you. we'll have sports and giants have won the world series. we taking a live look from 7 hd. this is 24th and mission, so far things are looking good. nothing too crazy or out of hand nothing too crazy or
like the first of june where spencer tells me it is 75 degrees in the city right now. earlier today people in richmo kept cl by finding shade at keller beach park. at san francisco's aquatic park the waters were just right to find relief. it's remarkable. >> very hot all around the bay area. it's now 73. look at some of the high temperatures, numerous triple-digit reads, 100 at santa cruz and 100 at napa. 102 in cloverdale. numerous 99's and these are hot. one record, contentfield at 97 degrees broke its record for this date. i'll give you a look at conditions right now and tell you what is coming up tomorrow. >> dan: a big scare in downtown san mateo, big scare over a little misunderstanding. it happened while a man was driving to work on fourth street wearing a costume that sent police into full on response mode. david louie explains why. >> what would you think if you saw someone dressed like in this going down the street? he was on his way to work at a san mateo costume shop after police stopped him after several people called 911. >> we were supposed to wear costumes to greet c
. >> would he like to make this superbowl possibility very, very unique for the city but i'm going to kind of restrain from all the ideas right now because we have to get the nod from the nfl first. >>reporter: just lick the team itself, san francisco will be competing against other nfl franchises. because the league like shiney new stadium and point up millions to santa clara 1.2 billion dollar facility, this venue might be on the short list. as the host city san francisco hotels, restaurants and tourist hot spots would be filled. >> we know that in cities like new orleans and new york and others who have hosted superbowls, they meet something in between 300 to 500 million dollars in economic impact for the whole region fichlt san francisco becomes the host city where does that leave santa clara? >> remember no matter where you are and where you party you come to santa clara to play. >>reporter: santa clara mayor matthews has been in talk was his san francisco counter part about the superbowl bid and says it's a collaborative approach that will pay off for his city as well. >> remembe
and officials hope to sea peaceful demonstration. >> criminal acts are not protected under the first amendment. and you know, our goal is to have a peaceful, successful event hais safe for everyone involved. >> city leaders say the plaza is important as the centerpiece of oakland's downtown revitalization. the centerpiece of san francisco tonight was at&t park, where the giants just clobbered the tigers. and the weather as spencer told us, held. >> and it may be even nicer tomorrow night. if you can imagine that -- >> if they win like they did tonight. >> it would be great. >> from our rooftop camera, looking toward embarcadero center, partly cloudy skies. an interesting sky with clear spots and cloudy spots. as you look at the live doppler 7hd, there is enough moisture content that we are picking it up on our radar image. let's close in because the moisture is want hitting the ground and some of it is offshore, along the coastline. burr there are probably light sprinkles here and there, just no significant rainfall, not enough to be reported by our reporting stations. let's take a look at cu
an aquifer beneath central park so creating a dry zone for construction was one of our first challenges. >>reporter: except for 2 emergency air shafts the park will be restored. as construction continues south ward the city has ambitious plans to create 20,000 jobs in its warm springs area. >> we have hundreds of acres available. we have done a lot of planning feasibility is there for a mixed use up scale job center that fremont has never seen before. >>reporter: track and station construction already is under way south of here. completion of the warm springs extension is expected in about three ars. in fremont, david lou 7 news. >> man who had the wheels of his car stolen helped lead bay area police to the culprit. thief tried to sell the wheels on craigslist. he stole them in san leandro. the car owner saw the ad then called police who arranged to meet with this apparent thief and they promptly arrested him. places found property from another theft and returned it to its owner. police say they solved a number of cases recently this week in fact with the help of good witnesse
. >>reporter: this is abc news new york. >> it goes on. some parts of the country getting the first snow of the season. we show you where next. >>> plus we update our forecast as you look live back at the as you look live back at the city. no snow around >> the drivers faced early this morning in denver. two days after temperatures climbed into the 80's a light snow fell over the area. by midmorning cars everywhere were covered with snow. look at that. even more snow in minnesota. early october right. two days ago the area was so hot and dry there were grass fires. today the national weather service issued a winter storm warning. some schools even cancelled classes. and in chicago this weekend temperatures are predicted to be only in the high 30's with possibility of ice pellet and snow flurry. just perfect as you can imagine for the city annual marathon. >> around here pretty nice. spencer is back with the forecast. >> no ice or snow flurry here. timeapseiew this afternoon from ourigh dinitio motainam camerlooking at oceabeach highloudand medium levellouds and low clouds manuf
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8